The 100 Best Places to Eat in 2019, According to Yelp

The list showcases the highest-rated and best reviewed restaurants on Yelp. 

MARIA YAGODA Updated January 09, 2019

If you were worried that food media had finished publishing its slew of forward-facing dining round-ups, fret not—we have another where-to-eat-in-2019 list coming your way. Yelp just published its annual "Best Places to Eat" list, and it's full of bangers. (Literally, the number-one restaurant on the list is Bend, Oregon's beloved Bangers and Brews, which also made last year's round-up.)

How'd Yelp come up with the 100 spots? Well, Yelp "considered both the rating and the volume of the reviews" for all of the restaurants on its site, "while accounting for the overall volume of reviews in each business's area so as not to disadvantage businesses in areas with relatively low review volume." Basically, the list is a highlight of its best-reviewed restaurants, though, per always, remember to take Yelp reviews with a grain of salt

Below, find the 100 restaurants you might want to consider checking out this year. The selection is relatively geographically diverse, too—at least as far as these kinds of lists go—so you're likely to have one not too far.

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